Certificado Profesional de Hacking Ético Inglés

hacking etico
Initials: EHPC
Length: 180 hours
Start date: 24 -August- 2017
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Certification (80% of the global mark)
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Are you a computer professional and you wish to go in depth into hacking?

Would you like to improve your professional skills in the world of computer security?

Or do you simply feel curious about hacking?

Although the methodology is basically the same than in the previous version of this course, in the  NEW VERSION 2017 of the Ethical Hacking Professional Certification (EHPC),  the contents have been updated for the new machines as well as for the new attacks that have been emerging recently.

Sign up the most complete and economical course in the market, studying whenever, however and wherever you want.  It is an eminently practical course, in which you will be taught to carry out penetration tests even though you don’t have previous knowledge about hacking.


  • In this course, you will be provided with the necessary conceptual and practical knowledge for you to be able to set up, in companies and businesses, a built-in perimetral computer security system based in the use of shareware.
  • You will develop and acquire practical skills for carrying out intrusive system audits, using IT audit techniques, such as «Ethical Hacking and/or Penetration Test».
  • You will be shown the different kinds of attackers, as well as the different intrusion techniques and tools used by the computer delinquents for breaking into the security of an information system.
  • With this course, you will be able to carry out Pentesting audits with its related professional report, in addition to find out about the methods used by the cybernetic delinquents to be able to counteract their attacks.
  • This course has been defined as a 75% practical and a 25% theoretical, what will make you easier the learning and the maxumum use of the knowledge.
  • Guiding the intrusive audits, making use of the rules and best practices in the worldwide computer security.
  • Learning the attack and protection techniques for wireless networks and dinamic web applications.
  • Training technical and global auditors in information security.


  • Videos for each topic.
  • Workshops and researches directed to networks and servers attack and defense.
  • Final test.
  • Previously prepared virtual machines, which simulate operative systems and vulnerable network services, are used as victims to carry out the intrusive researches.
  • Researches with wireless networks and vulnerable web applications will be carried out during the whole security process in web applications and wireless networks.

Course weekly period:  the virtual course is designed and planned to be taken offline, with online help, so that every student is able to progress at his own pace, taking into account the weekly activities.

The learning period is as follows:

  • On Mondays, the updated material is published (in case there are new versions).
  • Every lesson is storaged in material (Videos, pdf, slides).

Instructional material:

  • PDF digital files with research practices.
  • Digital files with every module presentation in PowerPoint.
  • PDF files with the good practices documentation and examples of intrusive technical audit reports such as Ethical Hacking.
  • All the virtual machines used during the course are supplied.
  • Videos of the recorded lessons to watch online.

In addition, the book»oxWORD Metasploit for Pentesters»is provided (free delivery to Spain). Check costs for delivery abroad.


Metasploit for Pentesters


Pentesting with FOCA


It’s a technological certification offered to informatic technology professionals, especially to those Spanish-speaking.  Such certification is directed to integral informatic security at the offensive, defensive and management levels.

EHPC Certification Advantages

  • It’s a technological certification directed to integral informatic security, using several knowledge areas, such as Ethical Hacking, Deep Defense, Web Security and wireless network security.
  • Variety in obtaining the learning materials to prepare the certification test, with free or paying options.

Knowledge areas and/or fields which are applicable to the EHPC certification test.

For the last version of the certification, 6 knowledge areas, which are represented and structured in the following way, will be applied:

  • Offensive security (75%)
  • Web security (8 %)
  • Wireless network security (7%)
  • Information security management (5%)
  • Computer Forensics (5%)


  • Week 1
    – Introduction, Network Architecture and Linux
  • Week 2
    – Information Compilation and Objective Scanning
  • Weeks 3 and 4
    – Exploitation, Pivoting and Post-exploitation
  • Week 5
    – WiFiAudits and Password Craking
  • Week 6
    – Malware (Modding from scratch)
  • Week 7
    – Forensic Analysis (5%)
  • Week 8
    – Web Hacking and Mobile Devices Audits

The topics in the course have been accurate, it is noticeable that it has been prepared to start from the beginning and reach a suitable Hacking knowledge level.  The explanations in the videos are correct regarding the understanding of the topics. At last, a dinamic course in Spanish about Hacking.  What I would emphasise is the speed of the tutor’s answers, what couldn’t be found in other courses I have taken, the professor’s closeness and attitude and the course pragmatism.  I have learnt a lot and I am motivated to go on studying for training.

Juan Luis

It’s a great online course with the best contents I have found. The professors have a huge experience and solve your doubts as soon as possible. The syllabus is broad and the topics are well-adressed.

Gerardo Estevez